Monday, June 3, 2013

Can't hardly wait for 'Soon' :)

Hello, dear you, I am still alive. Very much alive. And rounder and more pregnant than ever. :)

While the action might have fizzled out in this tiny virtual space, my life has gotten all the more... exhilarating? Yes, exhilarating is gotta be it. 

We've spent a few months thoroughly househunting. And oh, the ups and downs of searching for our first starter home! And while we haven't seen The One that we can call our own aka buy just yet, we are very happy with where we have moved in. We are settled, comfy and cozy (and basking in our much bigger space!) like never before. I utterly had fun working in tandem with the dear hubby in filling and decorating (shopping for furniture and decors was funnn!! yay!!) our new home. Hence, the merrily exhausted momma-in-waiting.

And oh yes, as I said, I am still as pregnant as ever, waiting for D Day. And that alone is one exhilarating ride of all rides. It has been going oh so smoothly all throughout, but the curves and the ups and downs greeted us on the last stretch. 

The curves and the down -- well, I've had a surgery (as in surgery that involves spinal anesthesia and sutures and stitches. and being hospitalized!) three weeks ago. I've healed and recuperated pretty swiftly, thank God. I even went back to work a few days post op, when my medical certificate said I need a minimum of two weeks off. And then last week, I had a preterm labor scare. Scariest scare ever. Everything seems under control now, and I couldn't be more thankful to High Heavens for that.

I guess God is indeed in control, all the time. I just have to take heart and keep that in mind. :)

So, while I sit here very excited to finally meet our little one and half anxious of the known and the unknown (anything can happen on Labor Day!), I try to stay put and keep faith -- it is going to be alright! And the day we finally hold and kiss our dearest little one would be a day of sunshine and rainbows and happy melodies.

We can't wait. :)

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