Thursday, February 21, 2013

Slowing down for my precious little bun in the oven

Wow, just when I have made a commitment to update my blog as religiously I could, get as much walk and exercise as I can manage, and preoccupy myself with creative and passionate pursuits that won’t be too taxing (err, sharpening my now rusty writing skills? mastering the art and science of cooking and preparing healthy stuff? learning the fine art of applying decent make-up? haha!), pregnancy made me not just slow down, but back off at least two steps.

Don't get me wrong, I've been pretty comfy with being pregnant -- a pampered preggy, even. And it has been quite easy on me, considering I did not have to go through that horrible morning sickness chapter. Plus, I get all thumbs up from my doc because I'm doing pretty well in terms of managing my pregnancy weight gain -- baby sure is healthy and of appropriate weight and size, despite my very minimal weight gain so far (but that was last check up, I bet it's going to be a different story now haha).

But last week, I fell kinda ill. And by "kinda ill", I meant I was pretty much useless and unable to do anything but sleep and lie down and rest in bed and literally cry in pain for at least four days. A hell lot agonizing and awful. And it came right after I and the hubby and the in-laws hied off to Iloilo and Cebu, just two weeks ago. It came right at a time I thought pregnancy would not slow me down (hey, I was on a roll!!!), at a time I was giddy to enroll in prenatal yoga class, written permit of my OB already secured and in hand, and at a time I have talked to my then swimming instructor/ coach that I am mulling going back to our swim sessions with my dear little hitchhiker.

But alas, I have to slow down. As much as it is uneasy to admit, I just have to slow down. For my sake, and most especially for our baby's.

Never have I been more conscious and careful now with every little thing I do (and the food I stuff myself with!). It's being protective, selfless, nurturing, loving, a little scared and praning all at once, this pregnancy and upcoming motherhood chapter.

For now, I'll sit back and try to enjoy being a spoiled pampered expectant mom. I know my body best and although I have pushed it to its limits not so long ago during those times I worked so hard and slave-drive myself to exhaustion, whenever I trained for a race, when I ran my marathon, when I signed up for a race I'm so ill-prepared for, when I hammered the road last year during the run leg of the 70.3 Ironman race under the unforgiving sweltering sun -- now is definitely not the time to try to gauge my physiological limits. And hey, maybe slowing down is not bad at all. *wink, wink*

So now, Mommy is slowing down for you, precious little baby. Anything for you baby, absolutely anything for your welfare. :)

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