Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The new missus is now breaking the Blogging Hiatus :)

 Signing back in -- with a dash and a new additional surname to boot! ;)

It's been eight days since our wedding day. Oh, our wedding day *insert a big, happy, kilig sigh.* How do I  put it in words and do justice to it? It was magical, it showcased a myriad of emotions. I would dare say it was solemn, sincere, fun, heartwarming, heartfelt -- and it all went by so fast! I shed tears at the ceremony, at the reception, heck I even shed a tear during the preps. I was overwhelmed with joy and love the whole time. It may not be perfect, but heyy, it was as beautiful and heartfelt as we wanted it to be! Almost nine months' worth of prepping and OC-ing paid off, and it was a day we'd remember for as long as we live. :)

If you'd like to see more photos from the preps and the ceremony (no reception photos yet, as this was played during the reception), here's a link to our onsite photo AVP from our young yet very talented photographer, Jaja Samaniego:

Now, please excuse me as I go back to my husband (oh, joy, he is now my husband!) and we make the most out of the second leg of our honeymoon -- and by that I meant living the life of a pampered spoiled gourmand slash alcohol connoisseur, and lounging in our suite and sleeping for as much and as long as we want! Leg 1 of honeymoon was for exploring a foreign country, shopping, lots of walking and touristy stuff. Meanwhile, this second leg is definitely all R&R -- staycation for the win! :)

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