Sunday, September 30, 2012

That question. And a wedding update of sorts.

Whenever someone asks me if the wedding is 'still on' -- and mind you, I've been getting a few of those lately, whether half serious or in jest -- I involuntarily react in two ways: 1) I laugh it off, and I am talking about  a big, mean, hearty guffaw; and 2) I furrow my brows, my mouth drops, and I shoot the person an incredulous sideward glance punctuated with a silent yet piercing "Duh!"

I inadvertently throw a hysterical fit because, c'mon, do we look like the kind of couple to announce an engagement, declare just how excited they are to officially get there, only to throw it all away all of a sudden? We are too darn in love and all over each other for that *tongue-in-cheek* For two people who are oh-so-sickeningly-in-love (ahem!), for two people who can hardly wait to spend the rest of their lives together (ahem!), for two people who think they are in every way ready for the next big chapter (ahem!), there really is no other way but up. Or rather, down that aisle. ;)

But I do get mortified quite irked too whenever someone throws me that rather tactless question because, really now, do we really realize jut how stressful weddings are? And I'm not just talking about the bad kind of stress. Although weddings are only a one-day event and what happens after the wedding is what really matters (trust me, I am a firm believer of that), there's just simply a lot going on when one says he or she is getting married -- regardless of how grand or simple that may be.

Stressed out soon-to-wed nerds, alert! Didn't I tell you a lot is going on in weddings? :P
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Putting together a wedding DO require incredible project management skills, a lot of thought and seamless planning and execution. Not to mention a considerably thick wad of cash and a solid cash flow. The precocious talent of balancing inputs, wants, expectations and demands from people around the couple vis-à-vis their own vision of how they want to start the rest of their lives together is just as important. With so much going on and with the social pressure on soon-to-weds, it is not hard to lose sight of the real reason behind the buzz -- embarking into the big W thus demand a strong foothold and cohesive grounding on the couple's side. Weddings also entail the merging of families and friends, and thus, necessitate quite a hefty amount of gracious and polished social skills.

So needless to say, yes folks, we are in the middle of that so-much-going-on phase!

But don't worry, we have proven to be such troopers and we are managing fine and dandy. Kami pa! ;-)

I am so enthused and I can hardly wait to see how this huge one-day 'project' is finally shaping up, but more than that, I can't wait to finally get there! Get to the bottom line and real reason of all this shebang, that is! ;)

Two months and a half baby, barely two months and a half! Yay!

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