Sunday, August 12, 2012

This birthday is a big deal :)

Birthdays are a big deal for a reason.

They egg us to take time off our busy schedules -- to reflect, to be with our loved ones, to give ourselves a break, to appreciate ourselves more than we often remember to. Birthdays are milestone moments. As the years add up, we pause and take a look back the past year (or even years), to gauge where we are against targets and dreams and goals. We set new targets, we build new dreams, we aspire bigger things and our passions burn more intensely during birthdays. More importantly, birthdays are a potent reminder: we are blessed more than we ever care to notice.

This year, my birthday was just like that -- modest and meaningful.. momentous, and yes, quite a big deal :)

I turn 27, not a special number by itself, but hey, it's my last birthday as a single lady!

Four months from now, I will be a missus.. the missus of my most favorite person and bestest friend, no less. Four months from now, I will have to grow and expand some more, for on top of my roles as a daughter, sister and friend, I'll have to fill in the Wifey shoes, and maybe looming not too far in the horizon, the Mommy Dear shoes. I trudge towards what may be the biggest change and probably most significant chapters in my life. The prospect of those changes, I wholeheartedly embrace as early as now. There is no turning back.. even the permanence in there sounds alluring.

Long haul or not, it sure is a year of growth, movement, and change.

Two months before my birthday, I left my most beloved University and bid temporary goodbye to what I've been (passionately) doing for the longest time in my professional life -- teaching in UP. At times, I'm still bummed why I had to leave something I love dearly, something I find so challenging yet rewarding and promising. But as my teacher in Positive Psychology told me one balmy afternoon last June, the big move I made was a tool to achieve more (and bigger) goals in life.

I told myself I will only probably leave UP if and only if I got into ADB. Guess what ID I quite proudly wear now? THE ADB badge, no less. *happy dance* Another dream turned into reality, and everyday, I try to relish this yet another golden star reached and claimed. Everyday, I try to be a better employee, to be a notch closer to the lofty expectations they have of me. It is mighty challenging, but I remain deeply grateful. I feel utterly blessed to have gotten in after such a rigorous screening.. double, triple, quadruple that feeling of blessedness come payday. *wink*

While I am already itching to go back to teaching University "kids" and doing research and embarking into various communication projects, I take solace in what my heart is saying: that as long as I am determined to really go back, the University will be there to welcome me. For the mean time, I am spreading my wings (err, fins?), swimming and finding my niche in this bigger ocean. And hey, even my new home is literally a bigger, prettier place and I sure am having a grand time building my new nook here. (Excuse the birthday girl as she self-indulgently counts every single blessing tonight! Haha!)

Twenty sixth was the year I moved out of my comfort zone to finally try solo urban living. The year I made adult decisions, grew four-folds as a person. The year I got engaged, the year I left the profession that has been closest to my heart to pursue yet another bigger dream.

Twenty seventh is the year I become a wife, the year I become a strong contender for the Soon-to-be-New-Mommy-Dear role:), the year I build more solid and secured footing in the corporate world, and maybe the year I officially become a triathlete (that merits a different post altogether!). And who knows what other pleasant surprises are in store for me this year? I am in awe of His overflowing blessings.

This year is going to be one heck of a big deal.


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